Quattro Menswear is a by product of two young entrepreneurs who have staked their claim in the fashion scene for over twenty four years. Channeling a European tradition, Quattro Menswear offers high-quality, fashionable clothing and accessories in a personalized and intimate setting.

In the realm of fashion, names are everything and we’ve made it our mission to live up to the reputation we set out to build for ourselves. Well known as a provider of men’s designer suits, the brand has evolved over the years to adapt the modern man and his ever-changing needs. Whether this is your first suit or one of many, let us work with you to help grow and evolve your own personal brand.


Quattro Menswear doesn’t just sell suits, they specialize in assisting you craft the personal aesthetic you want to portray. With a vested interest it the well-groomed man, we specialize in suits be it designer or custom-made. Boasting a curated collection of ready-to-wear suits for everyday life and special occasions.


In addition to our collection of ready-to-wear suits and bespoke options, we also carry a vast range of jackets, trousers, shirts, ties and shoes. We house coveted collections from Europe including Corneliani, Corneliani ID,  Oscar of Sweden, Lardini, Z Zegna, Alessio Fenzi and many more.

Our focus on you never ends. We provide superb after-purchase care that sets the standard for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Shop Quattro Menswear, Walk tall.